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Going back to our roots in E-Myth, we believe that leadership is a central piece of owning a business.  Your leadership skills as a business owner will impact every area of your business.  Over the years we often touch upon leadership in our Business Owner Insights and below is a collection of our leadership articles.

Leadership Insights: Nurturing the Flame of Vision, Action, and Greatness

“When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!’” – Lao-tsu Leadership, a topic that has filled countless volumes and adorned pages with quotes that could encircle the earth, revolves around timeless themes. These themes encompass clarity of vision and purpose, the ability to motivate...
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How Is Your Communication?

Communication is a vital part of every business. Bad communication creates issues with employees, clients and vendors. Here are a few of our previous Insights that focus on better communication: How DiSC® Can Help You Have Better Conversations Increasing Your Ability to Influence Managing Work Relationships When Conflict is Good...
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Are You Frustrated By Meetings?

Am I necessary to this meeting? Another Meeting? How many times have you looked at your calendar and muttered those same words? As stated by author David Hanson; "Meetings that do not bring momentum or progress toward the vision are toxic because they break the workday into moments." How many...
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Creating A High-Performing Team

Too often we see business owners struggle with the ability to coax the best out of their team. It takes time, skill, and structures to truly be able to lead. Below are four Insights we’ve previously published that have helped our clients create a high-performing team. This Insight focuses on...
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