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Your Deal Team Lineup

Buying a business, especially for a novice, can be daunting and a little complicated. Never try it alone. Get your Deal Team together.

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Buying a Business is Buying a Proven Business Model

Most people understand that buying a business avoids many of the challenges of starting a business from scratch. One of the keys that is often overlooked is the extent to which the business is "a system of results" rather than a people dependent "job." 

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8 Important steps when buying a business

Buying a business is more of a process than an event. There are clearly identifiable steps but exceptions always creep into the process. Find professional representation to assist you. 

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Understanding Buyer Due Diligence

Business sellers are expected to provide sufficient information to enable a buyer to make an offer or give a Letter Of Intent. Real due diligence should occur after the LOI. 
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Thinking about buying a business as an absentee owner?

No matter how well designed a business is and how turnkey its systems are, a buyer should always expect to be directly involved with it for some period of time before treating it as a passive investment under separate management.
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