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Know When to Buy a Business vs. Build One

Buyers have to ask the "barrier to entry" question... is it cheaper and more efficient to start your own business or does a particular opportunity offer you a sufficient leg-up to warrant purchasing a business instead?
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The Process of Buying a Business

Buying a business is a big step but many buyers know more about the kind of car they would like to buy than the kind of business they would like to buy. Give it plenty of thought and narrow your focus as much as possible.
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Do you know what questions to ask when buying a business?

There clearly is a strategy for buying a business. It can be expressed in definable ways like products & the market, organization & management, systems, people, and last - but not least - finance. The answers may be different for every business but the questions are the same.
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Are you buying a business or buying a job?

Every business has both risk and reward. Buying a business to replace your job is simply buying another job with a possible crazy person for a boss. Be careful of your motives for owning and operating your own business.
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Buying a Business vs. Starting Your Own

Buying a business can be like adopting an adolescent, much of its personality has already been formed and you need to learn how to adapt to each other to make a successful relationship.
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Signing Non Disclosure Documents When Buying A Business

It is standard business practice for brokers to request Non Disclosure Agreements from buyers on behalf of their seller clients. For convenience and efficiency, it is also common for the NDA to cover any businesses shown to the buyer by the broker.
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