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Are You Doing Too Much?

As a business owner grows their business it’s only natural that their job duties will continue to evolve. However, many business owners hang on to certain tasks for far too long out of a misplaced sense of guilt. The type of tasks that they tend to hang on to varies,...
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Are You Frustrated By Meetings?

Am I necessary to this meeting? Another Meeting? How many times have you looked at your calendar and muttered those same words? As stated by author David Hanson; "Meetings that do not bring momentum or progress toward the vision are toxic because they break the workday into moments." How many...
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Creating A High-Performing Team

Too often we see business owners struggle with the ability to coax the best out of their team. It takes time, skill, and structures to truly be able to lead. Below are four Insights we’ve previously published that have helped our clients create a high-performing team. This Insight focuses on...
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Is What You Do Teachable?

Is what you do in your business teachable? We often work closely with business owners that are stuck in their business. It’s not that they don’t have ideas on how to grow their business. It’s that they don’t have time to work on growing their business because they’re too busy...
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