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What Do You Expect From Your Sales Team?

What if your sales team drastically increased their closing ratio? What if revenue increased 20%? What if sales activity doubled? Is this a real possibility? Yes! It can be a reality when you look at the possibility that you may be expecting too little. People Perform as Expected People perform...
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How To Make Your Business Sell-Able

At Benchmark Business Group, we have a unique range of services under one roof. We not only provide business coaching, but also help business owners value their business and, when the day comes, list their business for sale. This combination of building a business of value and business brokerage means...
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Working From Home

The key to making remote work successful is to set employees up for success in the very beginning. However, due to COVID-19, what was initially considered to be a short-term need to work from home, has for many employees turned into an ongoing work from home situation without a clear...
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In small business, it’s not unusual for employees to take on several “roles” within the company. The reason is simple, a small business has all the same functions that large corporations must complete. However, the amount of time those functions require in a small business are often less and do...
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Focus On Goals

Current events have made it difficult for many business owners to focus on their goals. Which means it is it more important than ever to structure your time to work ON your business. If you’re struggling to work toward your goals due to distractions, review these recommended Insights to help...
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Use Systems To Gain Better Control Of Your Business

This week, we challenge you to stop and ask yourself, “Are you satisfied that all areas of your business are getting the attention they deserve? Do you feel in control of where you spend your time in your business? Most leaders struggle with being pulled in many directions. Your to-do...
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Only 24 Hours

News Flash – there is still only 24 hours in a day. Why then, do business owners plan their to-do list as if there were more? In small businesses there is never a lack of work to be done. And yet, there’s tremendous pressure on business owners to get more...
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3 Tips for Improving Employee Reviews

Clients and prospects often ask us how to improve employee performance reviews. How a small business conducts performance reviews varies widely from not doing them at all, to conducting them sporadically, to holding them annually. Regardless of how often they are held, employee reviews should be a productive conversation without...
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Have A Contingency Plan When Reopening For Business

Are You Ready for What-Ifs? States across the nation are beginning to reopen and this may mean your business is allowed to begin to operate again. And as much as we would all like to be able to return to "normal," what we know is that COVID-19 isn’t gone. Regardless...
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Documenting Changes Keeps Everyone On The Same Page

We’re hitting pause on our newsletter to bring you a tip each week as your business deals with COVID-19. Our goal is keeping your attention focused on what you can control. The good news is these will be short. They will be practical. They will help you improve your business,...
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