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What's Your Secret Sauce?

Did you know there are 8 Key Drivers of business value? We believe that every business owner should know these drivers and understand how to influence them. Building a business based on these drivers creates a business that is more enjoyable to own and more sell-able when you’re ready. Today,...
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The Missing Part of the Story

There’s a popular story about time management. Chances are you’ve heard it. The short version is… a professor shows his class a glass container, he adds big rocks to the container until they reach the top. He asks the class if it’s full. Some say yes, some say no. He...
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BBG Celebrates 20 Years in Business

We are celebrating 20 years of business! We would like to thank all of our clients, partners and employees who have worked with us over the years. While some of our team members, our product offerings and even our location has changed over time, the one thing that hasn't is...
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When Life Happens

The fact is, life happens and you can’t always control when you might need time away from your business. Some events are exciting and happy such as extended time off to meet your first grandchild or a chance to volunteer overseas for a few weeks. Other events are trying times...
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How to use collaboration successfully

We have all heard the adage, “Two heads are better than one.” In business, the way to make the most out of two (or more) heads, is by collaborating - having a discussion with your team on their ideas and experiences within your business.  When you collaborate with your...
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Recruiting is Marketing

If you ever find yourself thinking it’s hard to find good candidates for an open position, it’s time to look at your recruiting processes. The truth is, most recruitment ads are not designed to attract the best candidates. They are too often designed to blend in with all the other...
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Are You Expecting Enough of Your Sales Team?

What if your sales team drastically increased their closing ratio? What if revenue increased 20%? What if sales activity doubled? Is this a real possibility? Yes! It can be a reality when you look at the possibility that you may be expecting too little. People Perform as Expected People perform...
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Workplace Culture – Defined and Communicated when Hiring

As a business owner, have you ever experienced the following scenario? You decide to hire a new employee. But you don’t want just any employee, you want a rock star! So you spend more money than usual to advertise. You take additional time to conduct interviews to make sure their...
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Never Give Up on Your Dream

Nelson Mandela’s quote is a testament to perseverance. There are many obstacles to overcome and struggles to work through as a business owner. Either in working toward a dream, putting out fires, or just the day-to-day minutia of operating a business. However, the business owner who perseveres through all of...
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