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74 Years Ago...

We have been exploring the sale process the last few weeks.  This past week-end one of our coaches, while visiting Coca-Cola Days 2014, found this Sales Training Program from Coca-Cola that was produced in 1940. 

WOW is it amazing in its simplicity as the steps for being successful in a sales role are presented!  Using both text and pictures this guide provides the Coca-Cola sales force with the information needed to be a success...and 74 years later it remains chillingly accurate in detailing what is needed to provide both Coca-Cola's customer, the vendor,  and the end user, the ultimate Coca-Cola experience.

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Team Sales

As you are aware, everyone in your business is responsible for sales. Some are more directly involved than others, but everyone plays their role. We’ve looked at the foundation for the sales team; but what needs to be in place for the remaining staff members who are only indirectly involved...
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7 Foot Bar

Especially in sales, we see too many people wanting the magic pill. When your business falls behind on its sales goals it hurts. Profits are down, but then again so is cash flow and often times morale.   It's easy to see why everyone looks for that 7 foot bar to jump over, but your best bet is to take a moment and look for that 1 foot bar.  To get started make sure you read "Behind the Sales Curtain" and "Your Sales Process".

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Your Sales Process

Last week we looked behind the curtain at pieces of the sales process that should be in place to help your business be more effective and flexible in its sales process. Now, we look to focus on pieces of the Sales Process that are external and the pieces that the client sees, hears, and touches. In the most effective sales processes, these external pieces connect seamlessly, giving the prospect or client the impression that purchasing the product or service is the natural and logical conclusion of the interaction. Pieces of the Sales Process puzzle we are going to focus on this week are scripts, agendas, and sales materials.

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Sales: Behind the Curtain

Over the last few months, we have looked at a number of different business areas; Recruiting, Lead Generation, and Customer Domination. This month we wanted to go back to a subject near and dear to all of our hearts, Sales. Without sales, businesses wither and die. We also know that creating sales isn't as easy as it may seem. There are steps the business has to take in order to sell its product or service efficiently and with confidence. In the coming weeks, we will look behind the curtain to see the prep work that goes into a solid sales process.


The sales process does not begin with a product or service. It begins with developing the 'behind the curtain' pieces of the process that create a foundation for success. A strong foundation creates opportunities to move forward with clarity, develop and hold accountable employees, and collect business intelligence that will allow for more focused efforts. While there can be many pieces to a strong foundation, here are three that require emphasis.

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Selling a Position

When you're recruiting, especially in a Hiring Drought, there is a need to sell the position and your company. Just like in marketing, if you want leads for an open position you have to know how to attract them. However, there's a danger in over-selling the position. You can chase away good candidate or even worse end up with the wrong candidate if you get too caught up in selling the position. Here are a few tips to help you reach the right balance of selling the position.

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What needs to change in your recruiting process

Quote: “The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” Steve Jobs Question: What lengths have you gone to in order to hire the best people for your business? Our Thoughts: In many businesses recruiting is a very...
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Active Recruiting Methods

The E-Myth philosophy states that recruiting is a form of marketing and sales. You are selling not only the position, but the company to potential candidates. Last week we talked about brand and what sets you apart from other companies looking to hire. This week we'll focus on using that brand in strategy to generate candidates. In many companies, the generation of candidates comes down to posting a job ad in the paper, perhaps using the radio, and calling it a day. That can work, but these days when unemployment is once again shrinking you need a more assertive strategy. Here are a few things to consider when creating a strategy for generating candidates:

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Why Would Someone Want to Work For Your Company?

August Spotlight: Is there a Hiring Drought?

We're hearing from many of our clients that it's increasingly difficult to find quality candidates for open positions. It's as if the winds have changed and instead of opening a mailbox to hundreds of resumes, as many did during the recession, there are now zero applicants. When hiring, it's easy to focus on things that you cannot control, like the economy, but this month we invite you to join us as we focus on what you can control.    


 Why Would Someone Want to Work For Your Company?


This week we have one simple question for you to consider when it comes to hiring: "What makes your company so special that candidates WANT to work for you?" You should always be able to answer this question, but in a candidate drought, it becomes even more important. You end up competing for candidates, which often leads to a salary or benefits war. In essence, your company becomes a commodity. There is no perceived difference between working for your company and company XYZ. The road to more qualified candidates starts with what you are offering.

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Got Community= Lead Generation through Involvment

Community involvement is something we see a lot of business owners do when they first get started. We mentioned it in the tried and true article because the activity typically wanes as a business matures. Why? You get busy. You get older. Your kids get older and have fewer activities. The reasons are many, but our focus is not just how "you" can be involved in the community, but how your "business" needs to be involved in the community. Once again, this is a team activity and these ideas should be shared and discussed with your staff.

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