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Are referrals on your agenda?

Referral gathering is as easy as asking for them. Here is a strategy that will help your business to "ask for" and then "gather" referrals. Do you currently use an agenda when meeting with your clients or potential clients? If not, start by considering using the one that will be...
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Referral Quote and Question

Last week we focused on creating a referral strategy and discussed the importance of proactively asking for referrals. Another important element of creating a referral strategy is making sure your business creates a quality experience that your customers are excited for their family and friends to experience.  This week we challenge you to think about these quotes and their corresponding questions that focus on both elements of a successful referral strategy: the habit of asking and creating the experience.


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How many "R's" are you asking for?

"Hey Tim, have you tried the hardware store over on 6th? They were super friendly and had everything I needed to finish the deck." Does that statement sound vaguely familiar? Of course it does! Without even thinking about it, people refer acquaintances and friends to different places or services on a regular basis. Referrals are far and away the most missed opportunity for business owners. Referrals provide the most qualified leads at the lowest cost. Are you taking advantage of that? Is your business getting as many referrals as it should? When was the last time you or anyone in your business asked for a referral from a client? The truth is that most businesses, and their owners, do not ask for referrals because they are uncomfortable about asking and have no clear strategy for asking for referrals. Every business has the responsibility to create a strategy for referrals that is clear and intentional

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Leverage Your Insurance Agent

1. Keep the regular reviews with your agent.  Businesses are making changes daily and keeping up with those changes requires some effort.  Depending on the size and type of business, you may need to review with your agent quarterly, or even more often.  Your agent wants is done correctly and at the lowest cost as you do.

2. Your agent is the only advocate you have with the insurance carrier.  Disclose everything to them.  They can't help you or educate you if they don't know what exposures you have.  It is better to know up front what pitfalls there are than to find out after a claim happens.

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Leverage Your Banker

1. A good Relationship (Personal) Banker will want to be very involved with your business, keeping up with the daily happenings of the business, and working to be an advisor for the business owner.

2.  The good Relationship Banker will aid the business owner through all stages of business: Growth, Sustainability, Succession Planning, and Exit Planning.

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Leverage Your Accountant

Sue Blattner, Blattner Accounting Services Business owners need to see their accountants as partners. Over the years she’s seen clients that want to abdicate their financials, but that often leads to losing money. Sue noted that even if they don’t like financials business owners need to be aware of the...
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Tips on Leveraging Professional Services

In the June 3rd article, we talked about leveraging your professional service relationships such as your Accountant, Insurance Agent, and your Bank or Relationship Banker. Rather than give you more of our own ideas and experiences, we thought we would go straight to the service providers themselves for their thoughts on what business owners need to know and how they need to approach the relationship.

Click on the professional service type to see what the experts had to say!

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