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Stop Blaming – Start Changing

In our work with hundreds of small businesses we have consistently coached our clients to step forward and take the action that will result in their success.  The action they take is within their control.  There are and always will be circumstances beyond or outside of our control – so I’ll tell you what we tell our clients; move on to what you can control.

There are far too many management opportunities to impact the way your business operates to waste any time on blaming things outside of your control.  Generally when something outside of your control significantly impacts your life or business it’s because you weren’t paying attention to what is inside of your control!  If you or others around you are spending even the teeniest bit of energy on pointing to things outside of your control for impacting your business you need to stop blaming and start changing!

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Focus: Activity, Activity, Activity

It's March, 2010-Month Three.  What!?  Already!?  The year has barely begun!  Two-twelfths of the year is gone!  Seventeen percent of the time you had to achieve your business results for 2010 has vanished, and the critical question is:  How are you coming on your business goals for 2010? 

Do you even remember what your goals are for this year, or has that slipped by with the time? Can you find where you wrote them down?  If so - congratulations!  If not - get with it!  That is, unless you'd like to end this year without achieving a fraction of what you'd hoped for.  Your 2010 business goals should drive the activity generated by your business.  Once identified, they should be your guiding light for decision making and set the tempo for what takes place in your business throughout the year.

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Leadership By Design

Setting an employee up for success is good leadership.  Hammering on an employee who is not successful – that’s assault.  In our work with hundreds of businesses each year one of the top complaints we hear from business owners is; you just can’t hire good people. As we inquire deeper about this statement we hear the gory details of seemingly uncaring employees who just can’t seem to get the job done – they don’t follow through, don’t listen, don’t care, don’t show up and don’t last long.  We invariably find the very same business leaders who are convinced you just can’t hire good people, have not designed their business to ensure their employees are successful.  More often than not, these very same leaders point the finger of blame at the employee, without recognizing that their business is not designed to ensure employee success. 

It’s all so predictable.  And curable.  What’s missing most often in these businesses is clarity.  Clarity of results.  Clarity of action.  Clarity of accountability. 

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Consistent and Persistent

As you engage in the annual ritual of reviewing the year that has passed and designing the year ahead, we at E-Myth Benchmark and the Benchmark Coaching Center encourage you to weave two words into your business strategies; consistent and persistent.  Marketing experts understand and advocate that companies be both consistent in their marketing message and persistent in their advertising activities.  They know by experience that inconsistent messages and scattered advertising initiatives will not yield the returns that consistent messaging and persistent advertising provide.

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