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How Do You Know You Are Getting There?

"What gets measured gets managed." -exact source ironically not recorded

What is the point of measuring things in your business? What are things that should be measured? What about things that cannot be measured? What are your benchmarks for knowing your business is on track? Good questions. In fact, these are critical questions for your business, at least if you expect to meet your goals.
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Goal Setting Question

Quote: "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  If you can dream it, you can become it."  --William Arthur Ward
Question:  Can you imagine a business that achieves all of the goals you set and does it consistently?  Do you dream of a business that gives you the life you want and brings you satisfaction?
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You Actually Can Get There From Here

Last week, we ended with a challenge to design an end-game scenario or story for the end of this year.  In other words, how would you optimally describe your business on December 31, 2016 if you could have your most desired outcome?  Today we begin with the end.  That is the only productive way to start anything with a desired result.  It is very hard to get there if you don't have any idea what it is.  You cannot create a path to something you have not identified. Engaging your team in a set of goals is almost impossible without the ability to tell them where they are going.

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Your Own Design

Here we go again. It is January and another new year. Time for those well-intentioned New Year's Resolutions most of us never seem to be able to keep. Do we lack so much discipline, or could it be our resolutions are just a wee bit unrealistic in the first place? Are we trying to bite off more than we can chew, or have we just now come to expect failure and disappointment when it comes to our "resolutions"?

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Realizing Value Through Business Ownership

As 2015 draws to a close, we want to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work. Owning a small business can be tough, but it can also be very rewarding.   Small business ownership can enable you to realize extraordinary value. Our days are dedicated to working with business owners and leaders to design the results that enable them to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Through intentional thought and action our clients craft a business that reflect their values and realizes their vision.

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Why Do You Own a Business?

Get Your Passion On!
For the month of December we are challenging you to remember why you own your small business.

We believe you should be connected to the passion, hope, dreams and desires you had when you became a business owner; to be inspired every day to achieve your vision! Take a few minutes to reflect and recall what you hoped to achieve through owning a small business.

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Intentional Imbalance of the 3 E-Myth Personalities

Planning for Imbalance:
For most business owners/leaders, having an imbalance of Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician is more the norm than having a perfect balance. Seasonal aspects of your business, employee vacations, and your personal plans can all be taken into consideration as you determine the balance of which of the three hats your business will need you to wear. Since we all know it's going to happen (the imbalance) we suggest you approach planning for imbalance in a rolling 90 day forecast based on your personal needs and anticipated business activity.
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E-Myth Personalities

Quote: "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." ~ Carl Jung

Question: How do your business personalities react with each other to transform you and your business?

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E-Myth Personalities

Do you ever feel like you're being tugged in multiple directions? Like your business needs you to be multiple people at once? Don't worry, most business owners do! It's completely normal and best described by Michael E. Gerber, small business guru and bestselling author. In his book The E-Myth Revisited, Michael's story of Sarah the pie maker illustrates three personalities every business owner needs to be successful: The Entrepreneur, The Manager, and The Technician.

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